The Little Lemon
Makes it to the
Big Screen!

This beautiful film will uplift, inspire, inform
and empower you. The World Premiere
sold out in days, but you can still save
your seat at this historic film!

Must See TV

Must-See TV

NBC News’ Garvin Thomas crafted
a beautiful segment about
the Make a Stand movement.

How Tweet It Is!

How Tweet It Is!


Make a Stand is at Twitter corporate headquarters,
all day every day…and is outpacing Red Bull!

Buy a Bottle

When you buy a bottle,
we help a child.

Together we can end child slavery.

Savor the Story

Savor the Story

Vivienne's bright and beautiful children's book will
entertain and empower your kids--and the kid in you!

Make a Stand.

We are a for-profit social impact brand that supports our 10-year-old founder's vision of "a world where all 18 million enslaved children are free and safe."

"Make a Stand could not just raise money to end child slavery, but create a role model for all business." ~The New York Times

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